Five things Friday

Afternoon! So, I have been reading blogs for a while now and I love getting new ideas for new blog posts. One blog that I love Cupcakes and Cashmere is a fashion blog and she gave me the idea to write about 5 random things…whether it be something I like, dislike, or something I am thankful for.

So my 5 things for today are:

1) Reading this months and last months issue of BRIDES Magazine.

I absolutely love getting the new issues every month! I actually look forward to it…love looking at all the different dresses.

2) LOVE this wedding dress!



I am in love with this dress and I MUST try it on even if that means road tripping to find it at the closest store. I love that it is simple yet elegant and has the “vintage” feel with the lace. Love, Love, Love!

3) Grapefruit for breakfast.Grapefruit is a great breakfast choice because it has a lot of health benefits. They are high in fiber and low in calories. So, if you are trying to cut back on calorie consumption, try eating a grapefruit. They are delicious!

4) Ruffled Blog

This blog is awesome if you like everything vintage and weddings. They have a lot of great ideas and DIY projects. Love it!

5) Love this picture of Lyle (my fiance)

Hahaha! I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to like the fact that this is out there for everyone to see but I thought it was funny. I was going through old photos and found this and couldn’t stop laughing…he’s a goof and I love it!

Have a great day everyone!

-Natasha xoxo

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6 Responses to Five things Friday

  1. That dress is gorgeous I love the open back!

  2. That gown is gorgeous! Simple, but truly elegant.

    I’ve tried grapefruit a few times, and I never seemed to like it! 😦 I know a lot of people do and the health benefits are incredible, but I just didn’t care for the taste.

  3. Katie says:

    you are adorable and that gown is amazing!!!! I am so excited for you !!! WHen is your date, i dont think you ever told me!!!

    Oh and jump roping was so fun, ahhhhhhh south central ! I went to Borland Manor! Are you still in PA? Sometime we will have to meet up when Im in town after the wedding! Happy Friday love!!

    • aw thank you! And we haven’t set a for sure date yet but we are thinking October 6th 2012.
      Hahaha Yes South Central!! lol Yeah I went to school with your sister Angie and Cousin Barbie lol small world! after reading your blog after a while I was like OMG I know her family! haha and yes I am still in PA but now I live with my fiance out in Irwin…Its a little past Kennywood and West Mifflin but I come back to Canonsburg every now and then to visit the family. And Yeah we should meet up it would be fun! 🙂 xoxo

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