Hair color!

Evening! So I don’t know about you but I am really tired of this crazy Pittsburgh weather. One day it is bright and sunny and the next day it is snowing! I have had enough of the cold and I have had enough of the snow. I want summer and sun asap!

Today I went out to lunch with Lyle’s mom (my future mother-in-law). We went to Jioio’s which is an Italian restaurant that is close to where we live. I had a great Penne Alfredo.

Then, I went to Rite-Aid and bought a home hair color kit. I have only colored my hair at home twice before and I always had some sort of issues with it. The other day a commercial came on the television for a home hair coloring kit called Fat Foam from the brand Sammy’s. I thought it was interesting and decided to look it up online and see if there were any reviews on the product. To my surprise, all of the reviews seemed to be great, and conveniently I had a coupon of course. So, I decided to try it.This was great! I have never ever had an at home color kit that was so easy and non-messy. Since it is a foam it was easy to apply and does not drip. After the processing time my hair turned out great and had a healthy shine. I will definitely purchase this again! 🙂

Do you color your hair yourself? And if so what brand do you like?

-Natasha xoxo

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5 Responses to Hair color!

  1. Katie says:

    I will have to check that movie out you guys watched last night! Yes F21 is where that blazer is from ; )

    At home hair color I am no good at! lol! Big mess!

    Happy Saturday!!

    • I will have to hit up forever 21 for some new things for my cruise! 🙂 I usually make a huge mess with hair color too, but this stuff is super easy to use. And no mess..It was Amazing!

  2. Ireland says:

    It has become almost impossible to find this particular color in Illinois and Indiana. I am a born red head, but fading and trying to cover gray that is coming in more and more these days. This color looks almost exactly like my original color and not too fake.

    It does fade fairly quickly, but it’s much cheaper and less traumatic than trying a color in the salon. And previous reviewers were correct in mentioning the nice softness that it leaves.

    • I found this color in my local Rite Aid. I know that you can also order it online through their website too, if you are looking for a specific color that might help. I haven’t noticed too much fading just yet, but it has only been a few days. I am not a hair color expert but maybe if you try a shampoo and condition that is specific for color treated hair that might help delay the fading process. Also, if you wash your hair everyday that is also going to make you color fade fast.

  3. A foaming hair color, sounds very interesting will have to see if I can find. And where did you get the coupon?

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